100% Free AnyTrans License Code [Updated List 2021]

AnyTrans is well known and popular software in today’s era. The full version activated with an AnyTrans license code is used to transfer any kind of files from Apple devices to computers and Mac. This software will sync all devices of Apple.  Audio, video, music, books, texts and so many other things can also be shared using this tool.

In this modern world or more precisely in this world of technology, there are so many new inventions which help us to achieve our goal. That road to our goal is made by the contributions of these technological giants. AnyTrans is one of those technological elements that we use in today’s world to end up succeeding in our goal.

Why You Need AnyTrans License Code?

To get the benefits of AnyTrans full version, You need to AnyTrans Licence Code to activate it. In the full version, Everything you put here like files, data, folders, etc. will be fully protected from breaching or hacking. A new feature, Smart Export to iTunes has been introduced here. It copies only the music which you don’t have in your music library.

The data that we import can be exported back to our IOS device by using a full version of this tool followed by an AnyTrans Activation Code. If you want to back up your photos on your computer then you won’t have to worry about it, this code will make your work easy. iTunes is no mandate for the work of this software. All the contacts of outlook and the device will be automatically synced by the software. SMS, MMS, and imessages can also be restored for printing.

AnyTrans: Immediate Transfer between All Device

AnyTrans License Code for free

You will not find any better alternative to the iTunes than The AnyTrans Tool. For that, it is needed to control the contents on the iPod and iPhone properly. For more than a few people, it is not just an alternative as it works simply and more smartly than iTunes. It will surpass the qualities of iTunes in every way possible.

It is very similar to iTunes even in the working process but apart from that it also provides a slick interface that is pretty nominal and clean. AnyTrans provides some extra benefits than iTunes for instance, it has a flexible app manager, powerful file manager, data explorer of iCloud, etc. It allows you to share content between the iPhone and a computer.

If you directly look at the AnyTrans then you will know that all the files are accessible in your device. After that, you can choose the file you want to move and then the import option will be ready for you in the right corner.

Benefits of Using A Registered Version with Anytrans Serial Key

  • Your iOS data and the files will be completely secured and they will have full independence which will be provided by the software.
  • This independence allows you to transfer every data from the iPhone to the system.
  • These contents include everything like the message, contact, music, video, photos, etc.
  • You can set the time when you want to back up your iPhone. You have the flexibility to fit your schedule.
  • Either Android or iPhone, this software takes control of the whole data finely.
  • The actual data won’t get harmed during the shifting. It is one of the special benefits of this software.

The Features of AnyTrans File Transfer Software

  • If you are a user of AnyTrans then you don’t need to worry about transferring content between your computer and iPhone. One USB cable will be enough to finish this operation.
  • Now the iPhone will provide backup even without getting physically connected to the computer. The wireless backup facility is a thing of cheer in today’s modern world.
  • You can save every single thing of your phone into your computer and then again you can have it on your iPhone anytime you want.
  • Without any support from other systems, you can directly channel your favorite music from the iPhone to the computer.
  • If you buy a new phone then what app messages can be transferred to that phone via this software.
  • Now with the help of this software, you can customize the home screen of your iPhone from the computer. Now you can have so much fun without worrying about how to do it.
  • This software is supported in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Steps to Activate AnyTrans using AnyTrans Free License Code

  • At first, you need to download the official setup of AnyTrans for the iPhone.
  • Follow the correct procedure and install the software on your device.
  • When the installation process is over, it will be wise not to run it immediately.
  • Now, all the directory files of the File folder must be installed one by one.
  • After completing all these steps, you can run the software.

Free AnyTrans License Code 2020

Here is the list of AnyTrans free license code, You can use it to activate the full version.

Anytrans License Code





Anytrans Activation Code






Anytrans Serial Key







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Anytrans Registration Code




Final Thoughts

After activating the program successfully with a working Anytrans license code, you can have so much fun and experience a lot of new things. Please keep in mind, AnyTrans might slow down your computer so it would be better if you restart once after you finish the activation process. After that, the smooth process of transferring data by a single touch will make you fall in love with the software.


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